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We are a family owned business composed of talented professionals with a wide range of skills and experience. We love what we do, and we do it with passion. We look forward to working with you!

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Tim Davis

Licensed Residential Contractor for over 27 years/Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete Expert

Tim is a father of five and a recent retiree. Although he worked at AT&T for thirty years, he has always had a passion for building. In 1994, Tim and his partner decided to start a company and began framing houses in southwest Michigan for a Waco Dunes developer. He began building spec houses as well. After many years and a quickly expanding family, Tim put his construction dreams on pause for a few years after the Davis’ moved back to the Mid-Michigan area.

Yet, Tim’s passion for building could not be contained and he continued to build houses, barns, garages, etc., for friends and family. In 2019, he decided it was time to officially get back into the building business after he retired from AT&T. Now, with help from his four sons, Tim focuses on building a family operated business that is ready to serve you.

Nate Davis

Carpenter/Certified Welder/Custom Metal Work & Furniture

Nathan is not only the oldest son in the Davis brood, he is also Tim’s business partner. After graduating from high school, Nathan attended college for welding and pursued a career. After obtaining various certifications he worked as a welder for a local company for many years. Nathan loves to learn and when he realized he had met his potential, he decided it was time to move on. Since he enjoyed building with his father, Nate was quick to jump on board with the construction company idea. Nate is a hard worker, quick learner, and an awesome father.

Nick Davis

Construction Apprentice/Photographer

Nick is son number two, who is a full-time student at SVSU. Although Nick is not sure where he will be after he graduates from college, he is more than happy to be a part of this family-owned business. Whenever he has extra time, Nick lends a hand. Nick is also our resident photographer. As you can see, he seems to have a knack for capturing the perfect look.

Mathew Davis

Electrician Apprentice

Mathew is son #3. He has always known he wanted to be an electrician and has been an apprentice with Adam’s Electric for the past four years. Needless to say, Mathew offers electrical code advice whenever Tim needs it and lends a helping hand whenever he can.

Andrew Davis

Concrete Mixologist/ Carpenter Apprentice

Andrew is the youngest of five. He is currently in high school but helps his dad any way he can. Andrew has become Tim’s right-hand man during the concrete pouring process. Andrew is also the construction ‘grunt’. Although he is just an apprentice right now, we expect to see great progress as he continues gaining skills in the construction trade.

Michelle Davis

Renovation Design Specialist/Marketing & Web Specialist/Office Manager

Tim and Michelle have been married for over thirty years. Now that her kids have grown, she has time to help build the family business.

Michelle’s favorite job is helping customers redesign their home. She is a budget-conscious, problem solver who enjoys bring new life to an outdate house. Whenever she walks into a house, her mind starts designing to help create an efficient and modern look.

Web design is another passion of Michelle’s. Although she does not utilize her computer science degree as a career, she enjoys connecting with her past life (pre-mother) by creating web pages and hopes to broaden her web horizons in her free time.

Fielding questions and doing paperwork is another aspect of business. Michelle enjoys working with people and looks forward to helping you.

Our Crew is ready

to work with you!

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