Bar Time!

The grey concrete countertop with a rock edge really added the final touches to this rustic basement bar. This project is definitely in the top ten! Tim really enjoyed this challenge. He had to cash in on some math skills to get the pieces to fit perfectly. Moral of the story–highschoolers, study your geometry! Your future hobbies might require those skills!

Problem Solving

Custom doors and Ice Maker Stand. Many times, custom jobs go smoothly. Unfortunately, it is not always the case. This project turned out to be a little challenging. Although the initial attempt was far from desirable because the black continually rubbed off the diamond plate, Nate finally found a paint solution. Tim had to make some door adjustments as well, to ensure the custom tracking fit properly. Although it took some time to problem solve some issues, I think the end result turned out well.

Harley Anyone?

So, this was installed yesterday…Nate’s flair for metalwork and Tim’s creative concrete top designs made a showpiece! This Harley bar was custom built for a customer who wanted it to be the focal piece for her entertaining area. Unfortunately, the pictures do not showcase the bike chain footrest, or the gear support brackets too much! Overall, from design to finished product, it was a fun project. The boys really came through! Nick even jumped in on this one as he has decided to add cabinetry (on the backside) to his expertise list! A Big Shout out to James, Chuck and Andy for all their help to make this project come together!

Need a custom bar?? Contact us…We would love to help you design your next project!!

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