According to the trendy renovation PROREMODELER magazine, people want space! Is this due to Covid isolation? Maybe! One thing is for sure, people who want an updated kitchen want real estate! There are many reasons for this demand, from ‘work at home’ needs and homeschool spaces, to an increase in family gatherings. Traditionally, kitchens have always been an important place in the home, and today’s trends seems to echo this. Thus, it only makes sense to consider a large island or peninsula to create a multitask workspace when considering a renovation project.

Designs by Davis loves to create and install such concrete workspaces. And it is true, the bigger the better! Not only does it make the kitchen feel more welcoming, but it also allows the ‘cook’ to be part of the family gatherings. It is a cozy area for people to share a cup of coffee and solve all the world’s problems (I wish!). Check out some of our projects. If you like what you see, shoot us a message…We would love to help you create a workspace to accommodate your needs!

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